Ladies Bike - Medium Frame

Hybrid bike in Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire

Road Bike / Hybrid bike

Ladies Bike, Medium frame size.

In the photo you can see it is a 20 inch frame, which I think for this style of bike is a medium. As a guide, I am 6ft and the bike is too small for me.

This bike is in OK usable condition. I have lubricated the chain and gears and it is all set to be ridden around the vast network of Redways of Milton Keynes.

The previous user has now returned to university and the bike is ready for a new home because I'd like to reclaim some space in my garage.

It has had quite a few new parts recently which actually cost more than the current asking price, including: a new rear wheel and bearings; a new crank set, pedals and a new inner-tube, Those were the good bits, now for the not so good bits, the saddle has a scuff (see photo) but is still perfectly usable and the tyres are getting old but have plenty of tread remaining.