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Mens Mountain bike Giant Talon 3L


Not negotiable

Mens Giant Talon 3 in large size,I am 6ft and it fits me well 26inch wheels i think.
I bought it from a friend a couple of years back to try and get a bit fitter but discovered I don't enjoy biking,so looking to clear some space in my shed.
The bike is in good working order everything works but might need a bit tweaking as it has been sitting around for a while,cosmetically the bike has some scratches (tried to show some of them in pictures) as it was used as off road bike by my friend,so it does look used but not abused.
Lot's of extras included.
Four sets of spare break pads,a couple of bike pumps,front rear lights,tool bag with tools,a pair of Kenda Nevegal of road tyres,the tyres on it
in pictures are Michelin Tracker hybrid type tyres mainly for road use but can go off road for light use,a extra saddle,a spare inner tube or maybe two,there is a secondhand car bike rack that was given to me,I have never used it so can't tell you how it works but it looks as if it is all there,also my daughters old bike nothing special but works fine it is a 16inch frame Apollo Fear.
The bike rack and Apollo Bike are optional if you want them you can have them .
Pickup only
If you have any specific questions just message me and I will get back to you.
If you want more pictures I can send them to you I seem to be only able to use 3 on here.